Electric Power

Major Projects

        Shenhua Power Plant
        Shanghai Yangshupu Power Plant
        Khan Khwar Hydroelectric Power Station in Pakistan
        Shandong Zouxian Power Plant
        Suzhou Huaneng Power Plant
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Industry Characteristics

Owning various equipments possessing functions like measurement, control, protection and metering, the integrated automatic system of power transformation substation is featured with function integration, micro-computerized system, digital display measurement, screen-monitored operation, intelligent running management, etc. Nowadays, the development trend for all electric power system and all levels of power transformation substations in industrial field or enterprises is to construct unattended or fewer people attended integrated automatic system of power transformation substation.

Though the requirements or means for unattended system vary as per power transformation substation of different voltage levels or different importance, the key factor to realize this purpose is to take diversified technical measures to improve the automation level of transformation substation, shorten the fault dealing time and recovery time, so as to make the substation work more stably and reliably.



The Relay Protection Device can achieve different protection and measurement of units, including normal circuit protection, spare power automatic switching and section protection, main and backup protection of transformer, capacitor protection, PT protection and parataxis, motor differential protection, motor integrated protection, etc., which offers complete solutions to the automatic systems in all kinds of power transformation substations.

On the other hand, PD19 series or Sfere series power quality monitors are applicable for multi-rate energy metering of multiple time periods and bi-direction four-quadrant energy metering.

The whole integrated automation system, cooperating with Sfere 3000 power monitoring & control system, can realize automatic monitoring and metering functions in low- or medium-voltage power grid, so as to ultimately achieve automation function of the power transformation substation, which has the advantages listed below.

(1) The computer finishes control and adjustment, which reduces labor intensity and avoids operation errors.
(2) The supervisory control and self-diagnosis functions help prolong the overhaul cycle and improve the operating reliability.
(3) With IT technology as core, the automation of power transformation substation is possible to be promoted and extended.
(4) With less manpower involved, the possibility of man-made accidents is reduced by a great extent.
(5) Improving economic benefit; occupying less area; reducing follow-up construction investment and maintenance cost; equipments are more reliable and easy to be maintained; reducing the labor intensity of people on duty; prolonging power supply time; reducing power supply faults.