Major Projects

        Fujian Longyan Cigaratte Plant
        FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd
        Geely Group
        Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Henan Tianguan Group Co., Ltd.
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Industry Characteristics

Over the past years, our world has witnessed the rapid development of manufacturing industry, in which the electric equipments, including motor, frequency converter, rectifier, PLC controller, etc., plays an essential role to improve the production efficiency and save lots of cost. At the same time, various measures should be taken to ensure the reliability of low-voltage distribution system, promote power factor, and reduce harmonics harm, so as to protect the safe working of automatic units.



For field installation, PD194Z Power Quality Monitor can be applied to the switch cabinets in every power distribution room, in order to conduct precise measurement of electric variables, and through bi-direction energy metering and multi-rate metering, collect data for power energy management system. In some places putting more requirements on power grid quality, Sfere series Power Quality Monitor is applicable for fine measurement of related parameters, such as harmonics.

For low-voltage distribution system, LBK series Harmonic Elimination Reactive Power Compensation Module, with reactance factor of 7%, and WGK-31 series Reactive Power Automatic Compensation Controller are combined to ensure the power factor of low-voltage system is not less than 0.9, and suppress the harmonics, so as to protect low voltage devices safely running.

For communication network, S3000 Network Communication Controller can be mounted in each monitoring place or power transformation/distribution room, to collect data through RS485 communication network and then upload the data to control center through Ethernet network. In this way, the access capacity of whole system is improved on a large scale.

For management software, Sfere3000 Power Monitoring & Control System can be applied to realize power monitoring and control, and energy management functions.