Major Projects

        National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)
        Beijing Capital International Airport
        Shanghai Textile Building
        Nantong International Commerce Center
        Chengdu Aerospace Technology Building
        . . . . . .


Industry Characteristics 

Nowadays, as the buildings become larger and higher, the traditional internal control method can no longer satisfy the modernized information society’s requirements on intelligent buildings, which put daily increasing emphasis on the Building Automation System (BAS) and real-time monitoring system network. On one hand, in terms of power supply, the traditional manual data recording can hardly achieve the comprehensive data analysis. On the other hand, precautionary measures for electric fire are also necessary, including real-time monitoring of power supply or power distribution, remote control, automatic data recording and analysis, and unattended mode.



For 10kV or 35kV power grid, the Relay Protection Device can be applied to offer monitoring and real-time protection functions. Its detailed protection parameter items can meet user’s diversified needs.

For power grid with common distribution transformer, PD19 or PA2000 Series Electric Energy Quality Monitoring Instruments are applicable for measurement and uploading of electric parameters, multi-rate energy metering and power grid quality data analysis. Besides, these products can support multi relay outputs and digital inputs, and through the management system, realize remote control.

For fire prevention, SCK600 Alarm & Control System for Electrical Fire Prevention can offer reliable protection. SCK600 series electric fire detector can realize residual current monitoring in each loop, and real-time monitoring of temperature. Besides, it can also accomplish perfect centralized control of whole system, in partnership with SCK680 alarm & control unit.

For Management software, Sfere3000 Energy Management System can be applied to realize real-time monitoring of power supply or distribution, and share information with BAS system. Besides, SCK680 alarm & control unit is able to achieve large-scale centralized monitoring of all data collected by SCK600 electric fire detectors.