Major Projects

        Anmao Highway
        Hangjinqu Highway
        Taijin Highway
        Tianjing Underground
        Nanjing Underground
        Shenzhen Underground
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Industry Characteristics

As the economy becomes prosperous constantly, remarkable achievements are made on the railway and highway construction. The medium- or low-voltage systems in the power distribution center of bus station and highway, which successfully guarantee the normal and safe running of transportation, are faced with the necessary trends, namely, the intelligent and unattended management mode.



With the help of excellent and advanced IT and fiber-optic network technology, Sfere 3000 Power monitoring & Control System, equipped with intelligent digital interface, can perfectly achieve the following functions: (1) fully automatic control of tunnel lightening and dynamic equipments; (2) dynamic setting of remote alarm threshold value; (3) collection, storage and processing of data inspected; (4) real-time protection for circuit; (5) information record.

In respect of programs, different methods can be adopted to realize a series of functions.

(1) Field measurement and control: for system with high voltage of 10kV, the Relay Protection Device can achieve many protection, measurement and control functions, while for 380V system, Sfere Series, PA2000 and PD19 Series Electric Energy Quality Analysis Instruments are applied to measure all common power grid parameters. The digital input and relay output modules can realize the field switching state loopback and remotely opening or closing the breaker.

(2) Communication network: S3000 Network Communication Controllers of each tunnel and the control center constitute the reliable TCP/IP network via the fiber optic covering the whole high-speed communication network, and achieve the totally unattended control of tunnels.

(3) Low-voltage power distribution system: LBK Series Harmonic Elimination Reactive Power Compensation Module and WGK-31 Series Reactive Power Automatic Compensation Controller are combined to ensure the power factor of low-voltage system is not less than 0.9, and suppress the harmonic wave to guarantee the reliable running on low voltage side.