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Successful Participation of Sfere at Hannover Messe 2017
The 70th Hannover Messe was held from April 24th to 28th ,2017. This exhibition was unprecedented which had attracted thousands of enterprises and R & D institutions from more than 100 countries all over the world. Jiangsu Sfere Electric made its stunning appearance in front of the world with Cloudview system, Sfere700 series multi-circuit power monitoring system, Sfere720 series modular multi-function power meters which have a variety of communication modules and other related products.
Hannover Messe, as the most influential industrial event in the world, with the products, technologies and concepts displayed, will lead a new wave of industrial revolution.The whole world has witnessed the breakthrough of Industry 4.0 in Hannover Messe. The theme of this exhibition embraces “Industry 4.0, the deepening of the Internet of Things, the spread of Clouds.” Sfere Electric, with advanced products and high correspondence to the exhibition theme, succeeded in arousing the interest of clients from various countries and regions,attracted many eyeballs of international well-known companies within the industry and achieved gratifying harvest.
Our company’s most authoritative product in Hannover Messe- Cloudview, a smart energy management platform,received high praise from clients. Cloudview, based on Internet platform and Cloud Computing Technology, can measure data in different locations at the same time and upload power monitoring data from field to the cloud server via wired or wireless method so as to achieve the remote control of power parameters, analysis of energy consumption data, energy-saving diagnosis and various reports output.
Sfere720 series also makes a brilliant appearance in Hannover Messe with many communication module selections and adaptive installation.The product also draws many eyeballs of clients with the powerful function of Cloudview system and Sfere720 series’ exquisite appearance, small size, and flexible combination of functional modules.
【German Style Exhibition Hall, Outstanding Sfere Exihibition Stand】
Hannover's exhibition hall is a good example of practicality and preciseness which Germans always uphold. The exhibition easily attract people from all directions with independent distribution, road and driving system in the hall, reasonable layout, logical permutation and combination, as well as the convenient transportation including parking lot, bus station, railway yard, taxi stop surrounding it.
Our exhibition stand is in Hall 12, which is for Industrial Automation and Energy Management with lots of exhibitors gathered. After the sufficient preparation and hard work on the site, our exhibition stand immediately caught the attention of many clients when it was finally presented on the stage of Hannover Messe. Its brightness and capaciousness, remarkable products, rational layout make our company outstanding among various stands from different countries and regions.
【Warm Welcome Global Guests with Sincerity and Integrity】
Faced with an endless stream of visitors, Sfere exhibitors brought friendly and professional experience to clients with their definite division of work, tacit cooperation, orderly introduction to products and enterprises, specific explanation of the product technology and functions, and professional information collection on the site, which impressed greatly on clients. In addition, the news posted on the internet aroused high praise among the public, which largely improve the influence of our brand.
【Harvest a Lot Through Exchange of Experience with International Counterparts】
Our aim of participating in the Hannover Messe is not only to seek opportunities for international cooperation, but also to enhance communication with international counterparts, and to learn new industrial technology. During the exhibition, we also visited other exhibition stands, such as Siemens’ MindSphere-- Internet of things operating system based on open Cloud, Phoenix's industrial cloud platform-- Proficloud, Festo's man-machine cooperation, and we explored the application of industry 4.0 in our industry with our counterparts. At the same time, we also took initiative in discussing with foreign experts about the direction of technological development, which not only improved our horizon, but also helped us to realize the development space of our products in the trend of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Cloud technology.
The five-day Hannover Messe came to a successful end. Sfere Electric not only demonstrated its technical strength to the international market, but also received a high degree of recognition and acceptance from foreign clients.
Based on years of experience and ability, Sfere will be fully engaged in internal research and innovation, and constantly optimize our products in the future; energetically expand our market, and constantly strengthen the cooperation of international science and technology and economic trade so as to provide more competitive products and service for global clients.