Power Monitoring & Control System






As an excellent smart solution with high/low voltage power transformation and distribution system, Sfere 3000 Power monitoring & Control System integrates various automatic functions, such as monitoring, measuring, metering, energy consumption management, control, protection, network communication and general management. It is accepted by large number of design institutions, switch plants and consumers.


In compliance with the norms and standards of electric field, Sfere 3000 Power monitoring & Control System is an intelligent, networking, configurable opening automatic electric management system, which can perfectly realize the integrated management and achieve the functions of remote signal, remote measurement, remote control and remote pulse, so as to be applicable to power transformation and distribution room in enterprises, intelligent buildings, municipal construction, intelligent residence community, school, port, airport, etc.


In terms of the objects monitored and functions achieved, Sfere 3000 consists of two different versions. One is automatic power monitoring and controlling oriented, and the other, energy management oriented.